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You may think bloggers spend all day at cute coffee shops and exclusive events, sipping artistic lattes and snapping pics of their food. While that may be how it is for some, that’s very much not the case for the ladies of fitcityblonde.

In fact, as I sit here writing this, it’s 11pm. I’ve worked from 9-6 today at my day job (which is selling advertising for Snapchat - Jeannie and Christina have their own full-time commitments/hustles), worked out at home, made dinner, forced my boyfriend to take a staged pic of me “blogging,” showered and am now putting pen to paper to write this post, which will likely take me anywhere from 1-3 hours. It’s a lot, and I can promise it’s not all glitz, glam and Instagram vibes when I’m hunched over my computer at 1AM.

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The free merch and exclusive events are most definitely a perk to blogging, but they also come with a price. Many events are post-work and require me to come in early to my 9-5 so I can leave early and are often times a hassle to get to. Other times, they’re on the weekends and I dare you to try goat yoga at a goat milk tasting event when you’re insanely hungover. I dare you!!

The free stuff is great, trust me, but, again, it ain’t fo’ free. It requires a post which requires finding some poor soul to shoot photos of me (which is more often than not my boyfriend), planning poses, figuring out locations and logistics, coming up with captions, writing the aforementioned 1-3 hour blog post, arranging it within our content calendar, finding a time to post on the designated day (which is usually first thing when I wake up or as I’m heading out of work so you can imagine the distractions), coordinating with the brand via email, etc., etc., etc.

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And that’s just for a single social post. Multiply that by 3-4 times a week and add in the work it takes to design and maintain a website that houses our blog, build a community, engage with that community through our newsletter, get an LLC, file taxes for said LLC, design a logo, reach out to brands for partnerships, have weekly business calls, etc.! It’s way more work than any of us ever imagined, and our hats go off to small business owners and everyone out there hustling!

Blogging, when done correctly, takes a lot of energy and is a huge time commitment. It’s truly a business, and yes - it’s fun, but it’s also hard work. The first thing to go when you have no energy left after a long day? Your side business. That’s why we rely on having a secret weapon to power through our overflowing days. Usually, that’s NoDoz—it’s 200mg of clean caffeine. ICYMI, I usually take it in the afternoon around 3pm when my cortisol levels are not at their peak; Discover the power of NoDoz vs. Coffee.

Next time you see a friend who hustles - whether it be via owning a small business, blogging, health coaching, fitness instructing, etc., tell them how proud you are of them! It’s hard work, and we’re all just doing our best here.



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